Lewdle Game

Lewdle Game

If you have ever played wordle game, you already know the basic rules of the Lewdle which is some kind of remake of the original game. In this game you must find the hidden word in six tries but there is a difficulty - this game uses only bad words so your vocabulary of rude words will be tested. Even though that the game is pretty simple it is not recommended for little kids. Keep in mind that only five letter words are used in this game. You can enjoy the full version of the lewdle game at our website for free but if you want an offline version of the game, you'd better download it on your smartphone.

How to play Lewdle Game ?

Each player has 6 tries to find the hidden word. Every time you enter a new word, some letters will change their colors according to the hidden word - that's the clue which you must follow to find the word. Read the color intructions below and start playing:

[Gray] - this letter not used in the target hidden word.
[Yellow] - this letter is used in the target word, but it is in the wrong position.
[Green] - bingo.This letter is in the right place.

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